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Good Customer Service Trumps The Heck Out Of Pricing Issues — 2 Comments

  1. A very simple but interesting story. The moral rewritten: Every customer counts. 10 times over. Jack

  2. Wait Jack, there’s an epilogue. I went back to the Patch and commented again, about this blog post. Then I went to the originating author’s page sent him a message about the post and the great effort by the lady. Then I emailed the owner of the Patch (it is a franchise) who I know and who published my 500 word letter to the editor earlier this year. I am pleased to announce now I am an approved blogger for the Patch. So I contacted the woman, rather left a message, asking permission to use her name and to see if she was available for a picture. Sorry, but I have not heard back to make a report. But, by this weekend an embellished article will appear on the patch, along with your comment, of course. Isn’t life grand!

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