Good Customer Service Trumps The Heck Out Of Pricing Issues

The Buffalo Grove Patch, a Web based ‘community-specific news and information platform’, ran a school event entitled: Stevenson Patriot Savings Cards On Sale. It caught my eye since my wife and I use the card at various participants and have done so regularly for years. It more than pays for itself in savings. Yet, each year at times it was a struggle to obtain. Not until yesterday did I know you could go over to the high school and pick them up (thanks sis for withholding that tidbit all these years!)

Patriot Cards Old and New

The article talked about savings to be realized from 80 merchants at a low, low cost of $10.00 (used to be $5.00 but who can quibble with that price?) and gave the details on ordering… call with name address, phone number, etc. {Note to the author: A little more detail might have made it more enticing, or you could have made a downloadable pdf with a list of the merchants and the offerings available.}

It lead to an unusual sequence of events I wish to share with all small business owners and managers, as well as sales professionals.  So, today I returned to the site and left this comment:

Thanks for the heads up. Each year we find it a struggle to get our card. (It more than pays for itself!) I was concerned when I left a message and did not hear back for a day or so and was about to call back. Then a lovely woman left message on my cell phone that she will deliver the card if I give her our address. I called and gave it to her our (I was not about to leave it on an answering machine prior! C’mon now!). The card was in my wife’s hands in but minutes.”

And, the woman added us to her follow up list, not just for next year, but for the next four years she anticipates doing this! She was still at the house when I arrived home from a presentation in Lake Forest for job seekers using LinkedIn.

That’s the definition of good customer service! In this day and age – small business owners PAY ATTENTION! If you are beating yourself up about pricing and competition – counter it with GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE! But, you have to prove it. Practice prompt attention to detail and going beyond customer expectations. Look at the free press you will get from bloggers and happy customers such as myself. Good customer service trumps the heck out of most pricing issues, every day.

Do you have a story about excellent customer service?  Share it in the comments below or call me and tell me about it at 847-634-6535.

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2 Responses to “Good Customer Service Trumps The Heck Out Of Pricing Issues”

  1. Jack Goldenberg Says:

    A very simple but interesting story. The moral rewritten: Every customer counts. 10 times over. Jack

  2. MikeyBlog Says:

    Wait Jack, there’s an epilogue. I went back to the Patch and commented again, about this blog post. Then I went to the originating author’s page sent him a message about the post and the great effort by the lady. Then I emailed the owner of the Patch (it is a franchise) who I know and who published my 500 word letter to the editor earlier this year. I am pleased to announce now I am an approved blogger for the Patch. So I contacted the woman, rather left a message, asking permission to use her name and to see if she was available for a picture. Sorry, but I have not heard back to make a report. But, by this weekend an embellished article will appear on the patch, along with your comment, of course. Isn’t life grand!

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