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Here is the entire narrative of the video telling you how to customize your Facebook Timeline tabs now that the transition to Timeline has occurred.

Hi again. It’s Ely Yublosky of JEM (with a ‘J’) Web Marketing Consultants. Today I am going to show you how to customize your Facebook Timeline tab features and upload a new custom tab image as well.

First sign into Facebook and go to your home page from your wall. Go to your Fan Page you want to edit (note: you must be an administrator of the Fan Page). There are two ways to get there. One is shown – go to the top right corner next to home, click the arrow down button and click the name of the Fan Page you want to ‘switch’ to. The other way is to type in the search box the name of the Fan Page that you want to go to then < Enter >.

Each Facebook Timeline page shows a maximum of 4 tabs across, under the right corner of the cover photo and profile picture, to the right of the about information. The photo tab will always be on the top row, furthest left. Click the down arrow tab to expand and show the remaining tabs. You may have up to 8 more custom tabs in two rows below, for a total of 12.

To switch or move a tab hover over the tab you want to move and notice a pencil icon appears. (Note: You must have clicked the down arrow on the right side of the first row of tabs to see the pencil icon.) Click the pencil icon to see the options, including switch that tab’s position with any of the other moveable tabs. Here we switched the Welcome with the Likes tabs.

Another option you have is to remove the tab from the favorites tab. Here we have deleted the tab and then put the tab back to show that you can add if it was removed by accident.

You have an option to capture the link to the tab page. Clicking there gives you the address for the link which you can copy and paste.

The next option is to remove this app from the page altogether. We recommend you do this only if you know that you do not want it on your page since you must reinstall the application if deleted on accident.

You can change the name or picture of any Tag as well. Just click on the ‘Edit Settings’ button. Note: this only works with tabs added from an app since it does not work with the default tabs Facebook sets up. For instance, the Photos, Likes or Maps tabs cannot be changed.

When you click the ‘Edit Settings’ button a box appears. You have the option to change the name of the Tab. Here we change ‘welcome’ to ‘Let’s Party’. Once you change the name of the tab click the < save > button.

This window is also where you can change the picture for the tab. It is best to have the new tab picture prepared ahead of time. The size is specified as 111 pixels wide by 74 pixels high.

To change the picture, locate the new picture and open it up. There is no save button but the new picture should be displayed. You can also click, as I did, on the name of your fan page at the top right to view the change.

Thank you again for joining us today. We hope this video on how to edit custom tabs and customize the Facebook tab pictures was helpful. Please visit our web page at for more hints and tips on Facebook and other social media marketing tools for small business. Or call me, Ely Yublosky, at (847) 634-6535 for personal help with your Facebook Timeline conversion.

Visit on Facebook Timeline page for information about converting your Cover Photo and Profile Photo if you need instructions.

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  1. Jack Goldenberg Says:

    Once again, great job and excellent advice. You took a subject that is ever-changing and confusing and made it much easier to understand and follow through on.

    I also like the fact that you always post the copy with you videos. It makes it easy for readers to track down what they might have missed.

    I realize you probably do that for SEO purposes, but it makes your posts an even better resource. Jack

  2. MikeyBlog Says:

    Thank you (for Ely).

    And my aren’t you becoming a sly analyst…. There are no secrets to good SEO work, just due diligence.

  3. Jack Goldenberg Says:


    Hey, I learned from the best. Oh wait, that was you. Jack

  4. Gregg Stern Says:

    Thanks, that was helpful!

  5. MikeyBlog Says:

    You are quite welcome…

  6. Carol Pilkington Says:

    Wow, Thank you so much Ely you made something that looks intimidating easy. I actually think I can do this.

    All the best,

  7. MikeyBlog Says:

    I will make sure to tell Ely about your remarks. Feel free to contact her at 847-634-6535 if you need some further assistance. She is our Facebook GURU!


  8. Carol Pilkington Says:

    Awesome, thank you!

  9. derek Says:

    Ok, now how do I add a LinkedIn tab to my favorites on timeline on my PERSONAL Facebook page? I don’t need it for a fan page, I need it for me 🙂

  10. MikeyBlog Says:

    Derek –

    Are you asking about a hyperlink to your LinkedIn profile from Facebook? Or adding a LinkedIn custom tab on your timeline?


  11. Dianne Says:

    Great video and easy to follow. My question is how do you add a “Recommendations” box to your timeline. I’ve seen it on a few time lines but can’t figure out how to do it.

  12. MikeyBlog Says:

    This may be an application you have to add, never used it. Can you reference a FB site we can check out, please?

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