LinkedIn Publisher Accepts Michael Yublosky As A Blogger

Wow!  I just applied for early admission for LinkedIn Publisher a few days ago.  The news of my acceptance came as a ‘Pop Up’ message on my profile last night.  (I should kick myself for not doing a screen capture!)

LinkedIn Publisher Icon

LinkedIn Publisher Icon Near Far Right

I now have a “pencil” icon in my “Share an update” window.  It is just to the left of the paperclip (attachment) icon.

I told Ely and Jack (Judy was at her mahjong Thursday night event and unavailable) and started researching all of the available help files on LinkedIn.

Thoughts of “what should I write my first blog on” raced through my head.  I made notes.  I talked with Ely about my initial decision to talk about networking.  This is in light of our recent launch of Chicago Speed Networking and Judy’s and my first E-book which is now in draft stage.

And, of course as usual, I decided to let the thought process percolate over night as I do (or should do) with all new opportunities.

This morning it came to me and I just finished the first draft to the LinkedIn Publisher blog which I hope to submit later today.  I asked Judy to review it and give me her thoughts.  She also commented:  “You can’t send Jack everything” to review.

I will not divulge my subject matter here, but it is a common theme I trumpet throughout my LinkedIn workshops and seminars.  I will show however you the graphic I designed for it (below).

LinkedIn Crossword Solution -

LinkedIn Crossword Solution –

As always your comments and suggestions are welcome below.

You can also apply for LinkedIn Publisher before the entire population is rolled out. Click here for the guidelines. You will be asked for two sources for online publications.


LinkedIn Marketing Help For Small Businesses

LinkedIn Marketing Help For Small Businesses

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2 Responses to “LinkedIn Publisher Accepts Michael Yublosky As A Blogger”

  1. Daniel Extrom Says:

    Congratulations, Mike!

    They know you know what you are talking about! Kudos for being such a smart and dedicated student, and teacher, of the internet world!


  2. MikeyBlog Says:

    Thank you for your kind words Daniel. I re-visited where we met last week. I gave a seminar on getting to Page #1 on Google at Ela Area Public Library 3/26….

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