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Part 1 in multi-part series.

USB Flash Drive Backup

Back Up Your WordPress Site

If it’s important – back it up. If it’s really important, back it up twice!

I try to teach that lesson to others. And sometimes the message is heard and applied. Sometimes it is not.

Take Mary (real name withheld to protect me) for instance.

Back in the ‘olden’ days I suggested, and my company provided, Mary with a used external back up hard drive to store important files and documents. Mary diligently stored the back up copies on the supplemental drive.

However, the entire message apparently was not correctly conveyed. Me bad!

When the back up drive failed, we discovered the files themselves were not saved to the computer’s hard drive.

Apply the lesson to your Web site as well. Consider the options available to back up both the data as well as your core installation, theme, plugins, images, static pages, code files, etc.

Check with your Web master or outside providers and see what is supplied.

Make an intelligent decision on what option is best for you and then implement the plan before you too join the ranks of Mary.

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