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Will Desperate Job Seekers Look Closely At A Company Brand — 2 Comments

  1. I agree about not caring about a company brand during desperate times. It’s analogous to being short on funds and shopping in stores and buying products that aren’t your preference but do fit your currently tight budget.

    My job search is nationwide. Some areas I’d prefer living in than others. Some jobs I’ve applied for I’d prefer over others. Having said that, every job I’ve applied for I would accept if it were offered and the salary was appropriate to the position and the area’s cost of living. In such a situation, I would give that employer my best effort every day.

    Some have “dream jobs”, some don’t. Many people would work in a job and give it 100% effort while keeping an eye out for other positions that might suit them better, maybe even a dream job. As the song line says, keep your day job until your night job pays.

    My answer to the question you posed is I would take what’s available and offered, while continuing to look for new possibilities and pursue the ideal fit in a new job.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Scott, and I agree with your viewpoint. When I was forced to “take the job offered” I gave it one year, to make or break. I made my own luck and broke the dam almost to the exact one year deadline. It led to a 28 year career. But that’s another story for this blog.