I Am High On LinkedIn For Job Search and Small Business Target Marketing.

I coach and tutor executive job seekers and  small business owners and managers on how to use LinkedIn.

In 2008 I came back to LinkedIn after rejecting it earlier sine I was not looking to change jobs. Now I exclusively teach on a one-to-one basis.

I like training one-on-one much better than group presentations and webinars. It's more personal and direct since everyone has different goals, needs and capabilities.

Kudos to Michael whose unparalleled expertise in Linked In B2B Marketing, willingness to assist colleagues and clients, and his highly informative workshops is exceptional. For those who wish to enhance their Linked In marketing efforts, Michael is the "go-to" source.

Betty F

I critique profiles, develop you brand image, develop banners, enhance your profile image, write and edit content, check out competitors, research keywords, instruct you how to get GOOD recommendations, expand your network, target your market, develop openings, teach social marketing etiquette, help increase your visibility, show you how to measure gauge your metrics, and more!

Main Takeaways

  1. LinkedIn is about building relationships not to plead for a job, mass market, advertise or sell directly to others. It's social business.
  2. LinkedIn is a search engine built for recruiters to find candidates. Understanding keywords and how search engines work is important to your success.
  3. You need a plan along with proper strategies and tactics to succeed. Taking a nonchalant attitude, or waiting until someone finds you, simply doesn't work anymore.
  4. LinkedIn is networking on steroids, you need to expand your connections. This adage applies - “It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Your Connections Know That Counts Most.”
  5. Your brand is simply your online reputation, the image you convey. Make sure you're branding yourself correctly.
  6. You must be visible, or active, to search engines (such as LinkedIn or Google) in order to be found.
  7. Target your market and expand your footprint.