We Can Provide Assistance With WordPress.

We sincerely want you to have a successful business site or a personal resume site. When we make you successful, we become successful. And what goes around, comes around.

We can set up your WordPress small business Web site, personal resume Web site, blog or combination Web site and blog for a one-time fee. This is generally  published within about four (normal business working) hours of start.

Receipt of all final copy is required to begin. This includes all content and photos or graphics (in the proper size) in a single package.

Note: Since 2009, it has been our experience that furnishing all the content is generally the biggest delay factor in completing publishing of Web sites!

However, I advise you to take a long term approach as I point out the following. 

Launching a Web site without proper planning is like vacationing in Hawaii and planning to drive there.  You most likely will drown before you get to your destination! 

I personally can attest to this  since I made monumental errors when I published my wife's first (non-WordPress) Web site and began marketing it on the Internet.  The mistakes I made took many, many long hours to correct. 

Hopefully, I can convince you to avoid the same pain I went through.  Among other things, you should seriously consider:

  • Keyword Research
  • Review of your competition
  • Selection of a proper URL
  • Navigation or page layout and setup
  • Marketing plan - organic search results (long-term approach but time-intensive) versus paid advertising (expensive and never ending)
  • Use of content marketing, social media or other means to drive traffic to the Web site

Set-Up A Basic WordPress Web Site

  • Use selected (or default) theme as included in set up
  • Upload custom (must be furnished, specific to the theme) banner in specified size requirements
  • Set background-color
  • Publish two-four pages: Landing Page (300-1,000 words), About or Services/Products Page (300-1,000 words), Blog Page and Contact Page
  • One image per page included
  • Re-configuring site - main landing page is not a blog page if so required (advised)
  • Configuring required available options
  • Changing unnecessary default settings
  • Installing pre-selected plugins (small apps)
  • Instructions on setting up Categories and Tags for blog posts; change the default setting
“WOW! Return on investment within days of implementation. Worked with others for years with questionable and lackluster results. Within days new patients were rolling into my dental office and making a difference on my bottom line.”

(Dr.) James I.

Additional instructions

  • Publishing a new page
  • Publishing (blog) post
  • Uploading, adding and manipulating photos
  • Embedding YouTube videos
  • Uploading your own videos
  • Understanding and setting up widget areas and widgets
  • Obtaining Google Analytics code and activation
  • Registering site with Google and other search engines
  • Setting up Web host statistics

Expanded WordPress Set Up Package

  • Business planning session via Zoom.us
  • Competitive anaysis
  • Keyword research
  • Adding products/services or other pages
  • Tutoring on use of keywords
  • Review of initial copy for compliance
  • Server setup - emails, auto responders, forwarders, 404 error message, Web host statistics
  • Local directory listing guidelines and instructions

Additional Web Related Services Available

  • Copywriting, editing, spell checking, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing via LinkedIn
  • Individual virtual tutoring sessions
  • Photo manipulation, custom banners, gif (flashing banners)
  • Video production, editing and publishing in high definition
  • LinkedIn profile development and marketing your business
  • Blog alert and notifications
  • Monthly supervision and maintenance alerts


Customer responsibility is to provide all content and photos which will be published 'as is'.  Guidelines (copyrights, attributions, etc.) available upon request.