I Fell In Love With WordPress In 2009.

To publish a WordPress Web site or blog you first need a target market, a plan, some content as well a few images or other media.

Complete the recipe with a little Wordpress knowledge plus a domain name and a Web host.

Add a topping of content marketing regularly .

Have an existing web site? We'll show you how easy it is to convert it to a WordPress site.

“I hired Michael to help me start in the world of blogging. We spoke on the weekends for a good year and half via skype as he tutored me on how to use wordpress and get the most out of keywords as I blogged. His advice was clear, helpful and genuine. He wanted me to become a good blogger and provided me with the right advice delivered professionally. If it wasn’t for Michael’s help, I don’t think I would have been able to concentrate on my content, which eventually led me to writing and now becoming a published author. I highly recommend Michael to anyone who is interested in hiring him for his service. He’s terrific to work with, a real valuable adviser and smart guy.”

Bob M.

This is a WordPress Web site.

There is little, if any, code writing to do, although a familiarity with basic html is beneficial.

Adding content is as easy as using a word processing program.

WordPress is primed and ready for Search Engine Optimization through content marketing since it was originally primarily designed for blogging.

However, as you can see, it can easily be configured as a traditional Web site with an optional blog.

We can do it all for you, or just a portion. the choice is yours.

Call us, we'll explain the steps and the costs.

As the Publicity Chairperson for Buffalo Grove Days, a local community festival, I have responsibility for all forms of public communication, including our website. A previous vendor had constructed a site that was difficult to manage as well as difficult to maintain. Michael stepped in and restructured the site to solve both problems. And he did it in a way that then made it much easier for a novice to become nearly self-sufficient. He was very patient throughout the process, explaining and teaching as many times as needed, enabling me to do my own updates throughout the planning phase of the event. He also has made it much easier for us to transition the site for each successive year. I couldn't have done it without Michael's patience, help, and guidance.

Alan D

I find one-on-one coaching to be the best route in learning WordPress. As you move along, we will show you how-to put what you imagination onto the Web. We answer your questions as they arise and we gently guide you.

We use Zoom Pro to view your desktop and instruct you. You can see changes immediately in an adjacent window as they are being made.

Many video tutorials and guides are also available for individual learning if you choose to go that route.