Welcome To JEM Consulting

At JEM Consulting, we do three things exceedingly well to help you get from where you are now (point A) to where you want to be (point B).

  • Leverage LinkedIn business networking, marketing tactics and strategies to get you found in job search or to target and market your business.
  • Drive free and natural Google organic search results (traffic) to your business or resume Web site using search engine optimization and content marketing.
  • Set up, administer or teach you how to administer your WordPress Web site and/or blog.

...Michael...knows as much, and probably more about SEO, web 2.0 and all things digital as anyone I've ever met. He's also lightning fast, proactive and he has that spark of genius that no longer shines in most older veteran workers...Michael is also an unbelievable teacher, or SEO coach as he calls himself. I've worked with him as his student and I can tell you he's patient, brilliant and demanding, three traits that all of my best teachers in life seemed to possess... I'm proud to call Michael my teacher and my friend.”

Jack G.


“Michael is first and foremost a great thought partner. While he is clearly an expert in professional marketing, he also recognizes the need for variation in the approach for different industries... That, and he's lots of fun to work with!”

Betsy P.