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The Definition Of A Web Site Bounce Rate and The Important Cut Off Statistic — 6 Comments

  1. As you know I am a big fan of statistics to track where we have been and where we are headed. Sometimes it takes a little explanation to understand the larger concept.

  2. Hi Mike! Thanks for the information!

    I am kind-of new to google analytics and new to blogging and I was so excited to see your post title in the CommentLuv tag on the comment you left at my blog.

    I didn’t know what the bounce rate meant. It says that my bounce rate is .37%. Is something wrong, or am I doing a good job of sharing content relevant to my readers?

    Have a happy day!


  3. Heather –

    Is that 37% or .37%? There is a BIG difference! Regardless, you should be very proud if you are new to Google analytics as well as blogging.

    The first is very respectable, while the second is astounding. Did you know you can drill down from overall bounce rate to bounce rates from various sources? I remember seeing results from a particular source to one of my wife’s sites at 0%!
    That meant she was grabbing the attention of the right audience.

    I will be following up with more articles on interpreting Google Analytics….so subscribe to the email RSS feed at the upper right sidebar.


  4. Thanks for the reply Michael!

    I appreciate your reply and your follow up post very much. It’s .37%

    Would you please email me a direct link to your follow up post about the google analytics? I can’t get to it by going to your diywebjem.com/blog url.

    Thanks so much! Heather

  5. Thanks again Heather. I know about the difficulty and have technical support working on it. It was working one day and gone the next!