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Keep Your Guard Up For Spammers While Writing Your Blog — 2 Comments

  1. Mike,
    I understand your reticent back link position. If investigation of the site reflects a non-spammer then logic would dictate linking. If you do accidentally get a link to a spammer, how does one find out and remove it?

  2. There are really three areas to address in your comment Barnet:

    If you mean I am reluctant to allow spammers on blogs to facilitate their black hat spamming operations, then yes, I agree with you.

    If someone comments on a post in a related way, whether positive or negative, then logic would dictate linking. It also shows activity on the blog and/or Website which is good thing in the eyes of search engines. They realize that humans are being attracted and participating in the discussion. But most likely that would appear as a pending comment just as yours did. (Note: That is why I choose to moderate all comments and must approve them before they are added to the post.)

    I do not think you could ‘accidentally get a link to a spammer’. A comment is either spam, not spam or something close to either. When Aksimet is set up in this, or your WordPress blog, it captures a spam comments and dumps them into your spam folder. The vast majority of times it looks like spam as in the example cited in the post. A small minority may not look like spam to you but there probably was prior evidence of spam coming from that resource in the Akismet cache