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White Hat vs Black Hat Marketing – Long or Short Term Goals — 2 Comments

  1. Most link building by most SEO firms is not “natural” and is in fact blackhat according to Google. If you have to pay for it, ask for it, comment for it or insert a link in your article to gain it, then you are manipulating Google search results and Google terms that as blackhat. You just need to view the many video’s by Matt Cutts to realize that if you are doing any of the above, then you are creating links manually and violating Google’s TOS.

    It simply baffles me how many SEO experts will quickly denounce Cloaking as “unethical” or against Google’s TOS or even label it as spam which manipulates search results but then on a daily basis create artificial, manual or software generated backlinks for clients.

    If you are distributing countless articles with links or posting on blogs/forums to obtain backlinks or using automated backlinking software, isn’t that also spamming to manipulate search engine results?

    What is the difference? It all violates Google’s TOS.

    There is also a silly mindset that whitehat SEO is risk free. Really? How many whitehat sites, that supposedly conformed to all of Google’s TOS, suddenly lose their ranking and all their business when Google decides to do a major algorithm change? Ha! Where is the reward for loyalty from Google?

    So does “blackhat” or being “unethical” really exist anymore? Isn’t this really about traffic, conversions and surviving within an ever tightening monopoly created by Google for which we now are left with few other options, unless to line the pockets of Google shareholders.

  2. So is it not in essence, when one lifts the camouflage of all the rhetoric, what you are doing as well? Going back on a post almost one year old and talking about similar black hat tactics. When the tactics you yourself sell also self admittedly violate the terms of Google service you refer to? Then pray tell, why not comment without leaving a link back to your site and remain just an interested observer and commenter? And why not pursue other white hat tactics like adding new, relevant content to your own site by allowing relevant comments with backlinks there as well? Just who’s calling the kettle black? Ah well, philosophical debates when profit motivated are grand, aren’t they? Whether they be Google’s, mine or yours.

    Google’s change in algorithms punished a lot of content churners who were doing so just to gain rankings. One of the questions became whether the content is relevant to the site, not exclusively the amount of content that is generated. It is quality over quantity. And whether real visitors, not computer generated ones, appreciate the content or not. That is the essence of what the algorithms should display in their rankings evaluations.

    If your type of cloaking is truly acceptable then it will stand the test of time. If not, your customers will suffer and your business will probably revert to another short term, rogue attempt. Either way you win, but your clients may lose. Long term, short term, that’s the choice. Make an adult decision.