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Don Quixote Darn Proud To Be A Search Engine Optimization Anomaly — 13 Comments

  1. Michael in an anomaly in the world of SEO. He’s smart, hard working, incredibly knowledgeable and he’s been a great help in teaching me the errors of my ways.

  2. Mike,

    I agree with you. There is a lot of snake oil salesmen out there who want you to buy the first product that you see. On the other hand, I have never had a challenge looking for information about SEO online. I do not spend as much time as you do on the matter, but have found tons of great resources online that have helped me over the past few years.

    You might be surprised to hear this, but 40% of my traffic to my blog now comes from SEO compared to 30% from social networking.

    Thanks for clearing the air up about the “gurus” and “experts” around the internet.

  3. Michael, I just went to fiverr to have someone do a keyword report for me that I thought was quite useful. Thank you for sharing so much information and being a friend. I really need to use your services.

  4. Michael, your analysis of SEO is right on the mark! I have been researching SEO for several months and have seen the promises for Page 1 Domination, the best practices of “white hat” vs. “black hat” and everything in between. I agree that all the noise can put people in a state of confusion. You are a valued and trusted social media professional that sets the record straight.

  5. It’s the passion that drives me…that’s really a major reason why I retired. So I could spend even MORE time doing this and passing on the message.

  6. This is a good general overview of SEO theory and I love the Don Quixote connection. You should consider editing some entries on the WikiPedia page for SEO if you have the chance.

  7. Good information, Michael. As you say, there is a great deal of SEO information on the web that you can find and use. I have and over time search engines have become the prime source of traffic to my site followed by direct and social networks. I’m not trying to do any SEO consultants out of work – because every little tweak can help. But first learn the basics yourself.

  8. Yes, Jeanette.

    And what I try to do is either guide people to the correct information or put them on steroids if they neither have the desire nor the time to learn. Hey, it took me 2-1/2 years before the light bulb went on! But once the basic principles are learned and one can clearly see the big picture, it’s a matter of upkeep, as I am sure you know.