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Social Media To Become Apparent To Small Businesses By 2015 — 5 Comments

  1. Great video and excellent blog. Companies always fail to appreciate revolutionary change until it’s too late. The automobile was just a “horseless car.” Movies were just “talking pictures.”

    I could go on. And I usually do.


  2. Great analogies Jack. Just used the horseless carriage yesterday at a networking event. Could not remember the other.

    Do you have any more? How about moveable type?

  3. A number of early critics dismissed the iPad as just “portable Internet.”

  4. I’ll buy it, but it might be a reach for my constituency. Not many of them can answer the following questions, can you?

    What is the real purpose of social media?
    Why do they call them tribes or communities?

  5. Trick question. There is no such thing as social media. Media denotes a payment for services and social engagement (the correct term for SM) is free.