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Marketers Should Listen To Us And Not Just Try To Sell Us — 2 Comments

  1. Well, you’ll need the $100 if you’re having coffee at Starbucks. Although I believe that price also includes a danish. Actually, Starbucks, a strong user of social media, has proven the point that social media pays off because they were able to charge much more for a cup of coffee by serving it up with a slice of their social ambience and brand. Nice article. Or blog post. Or whatever they’re calling it today.

  2. Jack –

    I think Starbucks is getting the concept of how to use social media right. On the other side of the coin… it is the vast majority of other companies who use social media that are missing the point by using it as another sales advertising tool. To me social media is about electronic networking taking place in communities of like minded people. Overt sales pitches are not meant for backyard picnics.

    Who would wear a LED enhanced hat to a bar-b-que that constantly flashed a sales message about buying an Obama Watch?

    Oops, pardon me for asking that question to the wrong person!