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Amazon Fires First Shot In New War Against Small Business — 2 Comments

  1. My first thought is that we have been dealing with this for a long time and it is not that new. There have been, “Sears Dental” offices [Sears Roebuck Department Store] and “Bright Smile” whitening centers for some time now. There is also now Invisalign and Clear Choice which brand name and advertise respectively, clear braces and implant restorations. Walmart may do better than Sears but time will tell. Fortunately dentistry is the ultimate ‘hands on” profession/business. However, those of us in dentistry have also been hurt significantly by the limping economy. This, I believe, is the main threat to my profession. I want to be busier and keep my practice humming in order to grow and protect my wonderful team economically. I have a friend whose brother had his own office on the north side of Chicago. His lack of busy-ness caused him to close his doors and give up his private practice. Regardless of the reason, most dental offices need to do all they can to promote themselves and help their busy-ness to stay healthy for themselves and all they serve.

  2. I faced that harsh reality when I decided to give up the corporate rat race. My wife’s party centerpiece business, as over event businesses did, took a significant downturn when the economy collapsed. Since a deeper involvement in her business was my plan ‘B’ after retirement (along with becoming a greeter at Walmart) for a great many years, I had to address the problem and boost sales. If I was to successfully retire, there would be more medical expenses pouring through the business. I decided to invest $1,000 and some time in this new marketing media called the “Web” as a test to see if there was much substance to the rumors.

    I began exploring in mid 2006 and purchase our first URL (domain name) in August. But I never spent the $1,000! Although I am sure I spent much more time than that grand could have bought. I became immersed as an autodidact. It soon became a passion. Although I readily admit I don’t know everything about Small business Web marketing (and therefore refuse to call myself an expert or a guru), I think I am in an extremely high percentile bracket from what I see as competition.

    We met each other just a few weeks ago Dr. McWhinnie. I think you are an anomaly to your profession in that you are dedicated to your crew and your profession as well as being a hands on marketer delving deeply into this new way of self marketing and promotion IBM has named “Social Business”. I wish you good luck in your endeavors.