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Michael L. Yublosky, LinkedIn Target Marketing Specialist

Michael L. Yublosky, MBA,



I've worked in Human Resources, Retailing, Direct Sales (B-2-C & B-2-B) as well as in Marketing. I have been a sales trainer. In 2006, I started Internet marketing for my wife's business. It became a very serious hobby and my passion very soon thereafter!

But in the beginning, it took two and a half years (and 12,000 hours) before the light bulb went on and the clouds parted. Blue sky and sunshine revealed the basic keys to successful Internet marketing for small businesses.

The transition to LinkedIn marketing was easy for me to make. LinkedIn is essentially a mini-version of Google. It is a Search Engine built for recruiters to fill jobs.

My combined experience benefits you through a combination of strong points including - sales and maketing experience, proven Internet and LinkedIn marketing as well as sales training and interviewing skills.

Frankly, I know you will not find anyone else with the same skill combination I possess

Small Business Web Marketing Is NOT Easy

The techniques necessary to successfully market on the Web are both abstract and intangible.  They are a 180° turn from what we, as small business owners,  previously utilized.  If you are like me, the only results are the melodic chime of the cash register ringing.

I have a Web marketing formula that works for both service and product providers, regardless of whether they are B-2-B or B-2-C businesses.

  • It's not easy to learn!
  • It's not easy to implement!
  • It's not cheap, but it is worth the invetment since it comes with long-lasting results.
  • It takes a while to build up traffic in most cases, but it is  worth the end result!
  • Results are not guaranteed. This is at the same time both an art as well as a science. Success is a matter of trial and error, analysis, tweaking and repeating once a successful pattern is determined.
  • There isn't a one-size fits all solution since each plan and strategy is customized to your business goals, target market, competition, etc.
  • You must possess both the long-term objective as well as the fire to see it through.
“Michael Yublosky is a nationally acclaimed expert on marketing and use of social media as a marketing tool. His presentations and consulting sessions are the best in a highly competitive business.”

Jessica L.

Danger Batman!

Why You May Find Working With Me To Be Difficult.

Danger Batman!

Why You May Find Working With Me To Be Difficult.

Danger Batman!

Why You May Find Working With Me To Be Difficult.

I will always give you an honest, sometimes brutal, opinion.
I only refer products or other services I feel confident with.
I am willing to answer reasonable questions.
I have never been accused of being the "King of Tact".