Q: Why do we affiliate and make commissions from the resulting purchases when we give almost all of our other information away freely?

A: We are not in receipt of any grants or endowments. Know of any we would be eligible for? Seriously, here are the two main reasons:

#1 It is also your option to do likewise on your Website or blog. Therefore we try to demonstrate how easy it is to do. A little story is in order….

One day we received a credit on our bank account statement of about $35. Thinking it was an error, Judy called our friendly banker. No, it was not a mistake. It turned out it to be an affiliate commission check from a company we had forgotten about even affiliating with! Their link was still on our site and someone from England had made a significant purchase! Wow! We were now world-wide merchants!

This can also happen for you once you understand how the affiliate marketing system works.

#2 The commissions we receive help offset our costs.  We give away the information to help you and others avoid the pitfalls we made.

As a preface, I believe what goes around, comes around, just as in the Golden Rule. I deal with my customers and clients over the years in that very same fashion. Judy also mirrors that philosophy. It has long been my practice to teach and instruct, offer options, answer questions and share. If you want my opinion, I will offer it based on my knowledge. Then you can make an adult decision to deal with me, or not. I believe this ultimately results in a mutually rewarding and respectful relationship.

So, the choice is yours to make. You may pick to use this site as a source of information for that is what it is here for. A word of caution is in order. I do not profess to be a LinkedIn, WordPress or SEO guru, I am not and never will be. I am shirt sleeve, ‘hands on’ and blue collar in this regard. However, I study the field rigorously and try to keep abreast of what leading gurus say. I test ideas that appear reasonable and pass on the results that work.  What has worked for me in the past continues to work in this day and age.

I know first hand the principles some alleged gurus preach are false promises. The true gems (or JEMs) can be applied by any small business wanting to compete on the Web’s level playing field. It is my goal to translate the terminology and implementation steps into something most every day people can understand and put to use.

However, the second part of my ideology is: please, do not expect me, or any of us, to do your work for you without consideration. You must either spend the time (hours and hours per day) learning for yourself or make an investment in your future. It is your choice, this is business and we choose how to spend our time.

So, one way to gain our added, personal support, is when you purchase needed services through our affiliates. We earn some commissions and extend further how-to tutorials and reasonable email and telephone support to those of you who do. Another support option is to learn through one on one coaching and consulting, which we offer on a fee basis. Or discuss our research, notification, writing and graphic arts, video and slide show presentation skills and services.

Regardless of your decision, we do wish you the best of luck growing your WEB business.


Last update:  August 15, 2014

Help For LinkedIn Small Business Target Marketing

Help For LinkedIn Small Business Target Marketing


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