I began my journey to self taught Webmaster in 2006. In 2009 Judy and I started JEM Consulting division to help friends and family members start Websites or better e-market existing Web businesses. We thought what do we say if someone asks: “Who do you recommend as a Web host?”

This question came some years after my initial decision to use our present host. The recommendation had to be based on applicable levels of skills. I assumed people asking the question had very little knowledge of the required features.

Judy and I both searched for hosts. We looked at both free and paid hosting sites. We even tried some of the ‘leaders’ in both areas and tested programs and technical support. In 2009 or 2010 I settled on three finalists. I will not mention the run off candidates.

My final selection hinged on several factors:

  • Recommendations by others, and who made them (level of expertise).
  • Toll free access.
  • Technicians that spoke layman language not ‘teckie’ talk.
  • A wide range of tutorials.
  • Reasonable cost.

Only one site, BlueHost, fit all criteria. Plus, they offer free domain name with their hosting package (as of this writing). Plus I recently (2013) cancelled an account whose domain name I gave to somebody;  believe it or not Bluehost refunded my credit card $.71 for the remaining few days.

BlueHost also has a Website building program. Although I do recommend the WordPress theme for small business upon which this blog is built.  Here is what a client has to say about BlueHost:

Bluehost is very good. I called up tech support this morning and they were very helpful like usual and knowledgeable. Also, everything is pretty simple with Bluehost. They simplify the process for many features and have video tutorials for everything. I give Bluehost a big thumbs up!” S.R. Northbrook, IL

Follow any link to BlueHost in the body here or on the right sidebar banner ad to learn more and to register your domain name and get started on your site.

We do make a commission if you register through our affiliate link. 

In consideration we will aid you with some hot to instructions and a free, albeit brief 15 minute, consultation in return.  You will also receive our ‘Next Steps’ list, an important checklist of the immediate steps required to start your successful journey!

Last update: August 15, 2014

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