Following are free publications or resources offering information to learn from experts to help you run your business smart. I find them useful and perhaps you will also. If you have any suggestions to add to this list, please contact me, your DIY E-Marketing Coach.

Note:   I am not recommending any of the products or services on these sites and advise you “Buyer Beware!  I have found them a good source of information and still monitor most of them to this date.  These are not in any particular order nor preference.

BNET provides a range of original, practical content: honest, insightful commentary on business news, advice on career strategies, management research from top business schools, and inspiration and wisdom from business owners to business owners.

Duct Tape Marketing Blog offers great information about coaching, business, etc. The site is highly rated but also tries to sell you stuff (as we all do).

Open Forum from American Express is a business social networking platform for American Express card members. Connect and collaborate with business owners. If not a card holder, you can still log in via your LinkedIn account and even participate on blogs and discussions.

Search Engine Land for newsletters, updates and information about search.

Smart Brief provides free summaries of the day’s most important headlines, hand-picked from hundreds of media and trade publications sent to your e-mail address. They partner with more than 100 leading trade associations, professional societies, non-profits and corporations.

Web Marketing Today supplies quality information and videos of the top names in the industry.  Sign up for newsletters and receive free e-books.  Some are dated, of course, but still contain valuable information. Source of information, news and advice for small business owners.   Online and print magazine focusing on what else? Target marketing.  Formerly Both free and paid tools. Offers an extensive beginner’s guide to SEO  Online magazine – reports, information, networking clubs (forums) and more – source of annual survey data.

Social Media Examiner 2013 Report, must provide email (signing up for newsletters) –  2014 in banner at top of page or Google “Social Media Marketing Report 2014 pdf.  Free ebooks, reports, webinars. Blogging platform, tools.   News, information and resources.  Online magazine. How to reports and videos.   Video focus, learning center includes archived Webinars.   Knowledge base. Community discussions.   Business directory. Networking.   Small business news, research, resources, etc.   Social media consultant.  LinkedIn guy.   Twitter guy. Marketo – social media (Free Social Media course from Constant Contact) Schaefer Marketing Solutions – Free intro video to Social Media

Recommended Books

Recommended books I have read, or am reading.

Bloggers With Messages

I really do not know how I have the time to follow all of these (more coming) great bloggers, but I try to. They just have so much to say and offer great opinions.

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Last updated:  August 15, 2014

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