Google is the leader when it comes to search on the Internet, commanding about 2/3 of all search results. What Google suggests should therefore be your primary resource when it comes to search engine optimization.  Read everything they publish, watch every video and subscribe to every service they offer.  As the leader with their command of the search marketplace, that is good enough for me and where I put my major emphasis and the emphasis for my clients.

Here’s a welcome addition and definitely the starting point if your quest is to be found on Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)!  From Google Webmaster Central (3/14/13):  First Step SEO Cheat Sheet

Start by downloading the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. Note:  This is a 32 page pdf file requiring adobe reader or the equivalent.  Frankly, if you can master the lingo and do everything they suggest, you will never need me nor any other SEO.

Webmaster Guidelines from Google (added 1-28-14):  Best practices to help Google find, crawl, and index your site

However, if the going gets tough and you need a mentor or coach to add steroids to your quest, and just get you there faster, give me a jingle at 847-634-6535 or use the contact form.

Free Keyword Research Tools

In addition to Google adwords tool (which you now need to set up an account for.

Wordtracker –
Ubersuggest –
SEO Book –
WordPot –

Note:  You do still need to examine the playing field.  Take Reid Hoffman’s (co-founder of LinkedIn) advice from his book “The Start Up Of You”.  Before you undertake a campaign, check out the competition.

For our professional advice,  please see

Content Marketing

Here are some ideas for adding content to your small business Web site blogs…

Read my blog article and its infographic: Some Great Ideas To Generate Content for Your Business Blog.

From SCORE Small Business Blog (7/5/13): 40 Ideas for Social Media Content

Pay Per Click or SEO?

Paid vs organic search – interesting article from Mark Schaefer of { grow }.  (Added 1-30-14)

DIYWebJEM Help With Google and SEO

DIYWebJEM Help With Google and Search Engine Optimization

Last update: January 30, 2014