Here is some interesting resources from my travels around the Web.  Some are free while other have fees associated with them.

From PCWorld (8/6/13):   Six alternative tools for small business collaboration

From Forbes (5/28/13):  30 Terrific Tools for Small Businesses (Accounting, Sales, Technology and more.)

From SCORE (3/8/14) Free Templates and Tools.


From SCORE – on line and archived Small Business Webinars.  (added 3/8/14)

Free Webinars (future and archived) from BizLaunch/Deluxe. (added 1/28/14)

On Demand Sales Webinars from Vorsight. (added 3/8/14)

Future and archived Webinars from Target Marketing.  (3/8/14)

Customer Contact

Free Google Voice and Video Chat over Gmail. (blog article)

Free (as of now) Google Telephone Calls over Gmail. (blog article)  Note:  Now done via hangouts and Google+.

Free version of for video conference calls. Enables you to invite guests to share your desktop. (blog article)

The parent of is Logmein. They have a free version of Logmein. With it you can remotely access you desk top computer from your laptop or another remote location. Their LogmeinPro allows you these features plus you can share your desktop with customers for a relatively low annual fee.

Last update:  August 29, 2014

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