A Word (also called a Tag cloud or a Weighted List) is a visual depiction of the text given a weighting factor.  It is generally single words used on a Web site with the most emphasized words in a larger size or even a different color.  According to Wikipedia:  “This format is useful for quickly perceiving the most prominent terms and for locating a term alphabetically to determine its relative prominence.

To Generate A Word Cloud

  • Copy text from a Web site or a document
  • Drop into a Word Cloud generator
  • Start the process
  • Edit various parameters – language, font, color, layout, etc.

The results vary by generator and I will give you some sources after I explain the importance in writing for the Web and in job search.  (Keyword evaluation of content for getting found.)   I found three for those of you who really want to drill into the time consuming process and gain an ‘edge’ over your competition.  First copy the text (content) from:

  1. yours or another company’s landing pages,
  2. a posted job opening (i.e. on LinkedIn), or
  3. your own LinkedIn profile, resume or cover letter.

With any or all of these applications you may be thus able to ‘talk’ the language of the target market or company you are aiming for, either on your Web site, resume or cover letter or through the interviewing process.  For job seekers familiarity and sounding like the company may just give you an edge.  Or see what words (should be your keywords) you emphasize most in the content your write for your Web site.

I captured the text from my WordPress page on this blog and used it as an example for the following Word Cloud Generators:


The second is from ABCYa a site for educational games for kids.

There are several other Word Cloud generator sites out there;  search to find them and let me know if you do find a more interesting one.

Last update:  August 15, 2014

DIYWebJEM for Help With Google and SEO

DIYWebJEM for Help With Google and Search Engine Optimization


Word Clouds — 2 Comments

  1. I found this very useful in pasting in my resume. I’m trying to emphasize certain elements of my career and skills and found that I was emphasizing the wrong things!

  2. Thanks for you comments Tim. Will also accept suggestions for further information. If you like what you read here… help spread the word. Like it, Tweet it, or Share it on LinkedIn…

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