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Michael L. Yublosky, MBA,

If you are looking for information about getting better free (organic or natural)  search engine results, you have come to the right place!  This site and blog are dedicated to fellow self employed, mini- and micro- business owners and solopreneurs.  We eagerly accept your feedback, comments and suggestions.   If there is something you deem missing or would like us to discuss, just call or use our contact form.

Search engine optimization is about increasing your traffic and the results in sales that will mean to your business.  It is not about rankings nor how pretty your site looks, or how much “pizzazz” it has.  Sales pays the bills and your paycheck!

Small Business Web Marketing Is NOT Easy

This is primarily meant for prospective clients, not do it yourselfers.

Successful techniques to market on the Web are abstract and intangible.  I frequently say that it is a 180° turn from what we, as small business people, have become use to.  Measurements of success are discussed in terms of unique site visitors and Google page ranking results.  That is unless you want to venture into sophisticated areas such as ‘split testing’ of landing pages, tracking specific site navigation via Google analytics or other expensive measurement parameters.  This is not generally within reach for my targeted small business owner and manager and is also an arena I do not compete in.

I have a Web marketing formula that works for service providers and product providers as well as B2B and B2C businesses.

  • Is it easy to learn?  No!
  • It is easy to implement?  No!
  • Will it be cheap?  Absolutely not, but it WILL be worth it!
  • Are results guaranteed?  No, since this is both an art as well as a science, success is a matter of trial and error, analysis, tweaking and repeating once a success pattern is determined then leveraging the combined results.
  • Is there a one-size fits all solution?  No, each plan and strategy is customized to your business goals, target market, competition, etc. – that’s what makes it so challenging!
  • Does it yield long term results?  Yes!
  • Is there a time commitment?  Yes, and it can take a long time to learn it depending on how easily you grasp it;  plus you have to practice the lessons for the life of your business.
  • Can I teach it to you?  Yes, but you have to commit to it in its entirety because the synergistic effect of combining all parts is exponentially greater than the sum of the individual parts together!
  • Can you make the final cut?  Yes, but you must have both the goal and the fire to see it through.

My standards are to:

> always give you an honest opinion.
> refer products or other services I feel confident with.
> be willing to answer reasonable questions.
> never be the “King of Tact”.

If you follow my bio, blog articles and comments on the Web, you should know I am a lazy ( I believe in always having a competitive edge) salesperson who loves to teach, mentor and coach. Judy and I talked one day and I had a thought about what makes me embrace the Web, it’s knowledge and opportunity as well as what I do.  I said something to the effect: I am not afraid to admit I do not know everything; I recognize important things I should know and then I proceed to learn them. In the end I hope to pass on that knowledge and help change peoples’ lives in the process.  I like to explore, analyze and solve problems, face challenges and move quickly when faced with an opportunity. I am practical, dogmatic, like to share thoughts, ideas and feelings (my female side comes out) and am impatient at times but straight forward.  And I spend your money as if it is my money;  those who know me call me frugal, very frugal!

You can read more about me ny connected with me on LinkedIn (if you really are interested, that is).

Last update: August 14, 2014

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