Stop Working With Blinders on the Internet!

You might load suggested routes onto your smartphone or use your GPS for directions if you had a meeting in a city you never visited.

So how come so many top executives seeking their next job opportunity fail to properly construct or market their LinkedIn personal profiles?

Or those seemingly smart small business people fail to create a strategic marketing plan before they launch a Web site?

Beats me!

Or, as I once told an attorney and client: "You just didn't know the right questions to ask!"

Keyword Research for Job Seekers and Small Business Web Sites

You say your LinkedIn profile is not bringing you job interview opportunities.  Or your Web site is not bringing you enough new business.

Then there are two choices. You can give in and give up. Or you can call me.

I will increase traffic to help you to higher LinkedIn or Google rankings. I’ve helped other executives and small businesses achieve online success and I can certainly help you.

But don’t plan on working with me if you’re looking for a magic bullet or if your lack an operating budget.

Effective keyword research takes hard work. It's a trial and error method.

Fortunately, my proven program shortens the time involved and will substantially increase your success potential.

“Michael has helped my husband and I learn how to improve our web visibility and use social media more effectively. He has been very patient in teaching us step by step how to manage these things on our own.”

Dr. Katie S

Many MoleHills Can = A Formidable Mountain

I have a “molehill” theory that works equally well for both executive job seekers as well as small businesses.

Simply stated it says - create enough molehills of effective, long-tail keywords, and you’ll eventually end up on top of the mountain.

Time and again, I’ve proven I can help you achieve primacy in Google or LinkedIn search results if you provide a list of targeted keyword strings along with the names of your top five competitors.

The key to effective keyword research is not to compete against your competitors where they hold an advantage, but to seek out invaluable niche keywords they missed or failed to properly exploit.

So stop working with a blindfold on the Internet. Let’s put together an effective and engaging keyword research plan that speeds you to your desired destination.