This is the starting point when I look at someone’s LinkedIn profile. With the results I can quickly determine whether he or she is correctly branding him or herself. Most points are applicable whether you are marketing your business, unemployed and looking for work or working and seeking a better position.

〈 I know what keywords I want to be found for and have added them to my profile in the best places to enhance my “being found” in a relevant search.

〈  I researched ‘People similar to myself’ as well as my competition and understand what differentiates me from them, what makes me unique.

〈  I have an appropriate background (hero) image with a great ‘tag’ line.

〈  I use a full size, high resolution, work ready head shot as my profile picture.

〈  My Headline (tag just under my name) has targeted keywords and a value statement. It is at or near 120 characters (including punctuation and spaces) in length.

〈  I have a personalized (no string of numbers) LinkedIn URL (address).

〈  I provide an email and phone number to be reached at in my ‘Contact Info’ pull down and elsewhere (Summary and Advice for Contacting Me) in my profile.

〈  I have three links to appropriate Web site pages using anchor text rather than the default “Company Website,” etc.

〈  My summary statement is written in first person and is directed towards my ideal client and how I can solve her problems or challenges. I state at least three areas I excel within.

〈  Titles in my “Experience” sections reflect more than just company titles or industry jargon.

〈  I uploaded social proof statements to my Summary, and appropriate Experience and/or Education sections.

〈  I have 50 skills listed in my Skills and Endorsements section.

〈  I have at least one or two Recommendations for recent Experiences or Education.

This is my ‘Baker’s Dozen’ and merely a launch point for further discovery and exploration and how to maximize this step in your marketing and networking success on LinkedIn.

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