I want to detail some of the tools used for job search on LinkedIn for basic membership.

Not necessarily in rank of importance:

WordPress for Job Seekers

I do think you need to expand your job search, especially for managerial and c-suite level executives to include Google search.

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Passive Job Seekers

Please download my PDF for Passive Job Seekers and Marketers who want ‘to be found’ on LinkedIn: Keys To Be Found On LinkedIn – Market – Passive Job Seekers Note: Dated graphics but still valuable information. (Seven pages, requires an Adobe reader.)

LinkedIn Resources

Two great PDF downloads from Reid Hoffman, cofounder and excecutive chairman of LinkedIn, and author of “The Start Up Of You”.

CareerXRoads 2013 Report

LinkedIn blog post:  “From Freelance to Full-time on LinkedIn

Using The Social Web To Find Work” free ebook from Chris Brogan (12/23/08).

3 Rules For Building LinkedIn Relationships” Article by an attorney on EstateSettlement.com

Download from Box.net – “LinkedIn Guide For Beginners


How To Ace A Telephone Interview And Get A Job. Watch it with a notepad – great checklist.

A YouTube Video from the New England Job Show produced for job seekers, by job seekers.- from Bob McIntosh.  LinkedIn A Must For Job Seekers Part I. Part II.

Good General Information

The Undercover Recruiter

Secrets Of The Job Hunt information, articles, podcasts and videos!

For job seekers – please remember you can mask the visibility of Job Groups you are in on LinkedIn so you do not look like a job seeker.

There was an interesting article a while back on Business Insider titled Infographic: Can Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Really Get You A Job?

The article states: “These days, a college degree and years of experience do not necessary mean a good job like they used to, and competition is fierce for the few available openings. Coping with this New Normal, job seekers are reaching into unconventional and creative avenues to gain a competitive edge in the job jungle. And social media are increasingly becoming the new job fair for people to network, get new job leads or to promote and showcase resumes.”

It also goes on to say: “Indeed, LinkedIn is the new hangout for corporate as well as agency headhunters, and many corporations have Twitter accounts and Facebook pages.” And further states that it is beneficial for job seekers to be on at least one of the top three sites – Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Job Search Engines

Click on image to link to site. Note: I have only personally tested simplyhired.com. They also have apps for your smart phones.

Job Search Engine 02


Job Search Engine 04


Mobile For Job Search

This interesting graphic is made available by Beyond.Com Career Network. It shows 77% of job seekers use mobile technology in their job search for one of the following three reasons:

  • They can quickly react to job postings (which I think should be paramount)
  • They can search anytime and anywhere
  • It is a different way to search for jobs

Using Mobile for Job Search

Download the pdf (needs an Adobe reader): MobileRecruitment_INFOGRAPHIC

LinkedIn Signal has been discontinued.

Last update: February 16, 2014

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