When I first started thinking seriously about retiring (after all I had been talking about being a WalMart greeter since the mid-90’s) I, of course, knew I could not just stop working one day. I do not golf, don’t have many hobbies other than the Web, digital cameras and videos. Plus, I need to stay active and engaged.  I start climbing the walls after being home more than two days with nothing to do;  go ahead, just ask Judy…

I found a site called Retirement Jobs (Jobs For People Over 50) and subscribed to its email alerts, which I have now stopped. I was looking for something to do and they sent out alerts about jobs with companies that don’t care about age. Of course, I eventually found my passion, this, but I kept getting the emails. You might take a look at the site as well for they frequently have some interesting information.

They have this lovely Work At Home Guides (pdf guide – you do need Adobe Acrobat to read) which allegedly is a short list of verified work at home companies. Hey, I’ve been looking at this for years and do remember as a youngster typing out address labels for my mother. And she did get her checks in return. So, for what it’s worth… download it and perhaps you can use to supplement your income.

The email did say: “Ask yourself, if it’s possible to make 1,000 dollars working 10 hours a week stuffing envelopes, why would a company offer that to you instead of hiring people for 10 dollars an hour and keep the rest as profit? You’re right! They wouldn’t…..Are there legitimate work-at-home arrangements? Yes, and after working in this field for a long time, we can tell you it’s a short list.”

I invoke a universal disclaimer saying don’t blame me if it ain’t so!

But here was another gem they unfolded, “Rules of Business Etiquette” from the well know Robert Half professional staffing agency. I provide the link because you have to give up your contact information to download.  I just skimmed it as of now but it looks quite interesting.  Talks about LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  Bon appetit!

Last update: August 15, 2014

Help For LinkedIn Small Business Target Marketing

Help For LinkedIn Small Business Target Marketing