LinkedIn for Social Business Networking

LinkedIn for Social Business

I know my LinkedIn “Tough Love” profile evaluation offer isn’t for everyone. That’s because I don’t want to work with people who aren’t willing to help themselves. It’s a waste of my time.

I just want to work with people who are willing to put in the time and effort to make themselves successful.

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. But I can shorten the LinkedIn learning curve for you, so you can from where you are right now to where you want to be a lot quicker.

So whaddya’ say?  Are you LinkedIn? or out?

I originally developed my LinkedIn profile evaluation form in 2011 and later revised it in 2013. The latest revised edition was completed in July, 2015. It’s harder now to bubble up through all the noise on the Internet and on LinkedIn and to be found in a search for what you do. In addition, LinkedIn has changed over time and allows more ways to increase your visibility.

Thus, the newest version allows me (or you) to self-determine if you meet my standards for an keyword optimized LinkedIn profile. This evaluation originates in my fondness for LinkedIn as a salesman’s nirvana and stems from my math and engineering background. This is also coupled with my love for search engine optimization and organic (free, natural) results.

My original 10 areas (formerly Part 1) are now combined with 10 advanced areas (formerly Part 2) along with six additional criteria. Thus, the LinkedIn profile evaluation now contains my extended standards for an expanded and embellished profile. Completing your profile to these standards better enables you to ‘be found’ in a LinkedIn search for your relevant keywords.

Click here to download the free starting checklist:  My Bakers Dozen Checklist For Branding Your LinkedIn Profile Rev 01

Note: The form is in PDF so you do need an Adobe reader program to open and read. If you need a fill in form as an Excel document, please request via the contact page or call me at 847-634-6535.

The personal LinkedIn evaluation form is based on the concepts I still teach in my LinkedIn workshops and seminars as well as nationwide Webinars.  Local presentations are in the Chicago area at libraries, chambers of commerce, for companies as well as SCORE Chicago workshops. I am also available nationwide as a presenter or teacher for your company

An understanding of my principles of LinkedIn 101 and LinkedIn 201 are required.  So if you have any questions, please list below.

I am also interested in your comments and suggestions for improvement – please comment below.

Remember, you must complete the foundation before you can build the building’s skeleton, let alone top off the building!

Personal LinkedIn Evaluation

For those of you not electing an autodidact (self teaching approach), I offer a personal LinkedIn Profile Evaluation to help guide you and get you where you. I do the evaluation for you, which includes a Word Cloud summary. I also compare keywords used by “people similar to (you)” as reported by LinkedIn algorithms. I will also briefly look at your Web site and other social media footprints.

We meet ‘virtually’ for an initial (approximately one hour) discussion session via Skype,, or other screen sharing program. This is followed by another discussion session after you do some homework. Further work together is billable.

My Personal LinkedIn Evaluation was changed from numeric fill-ins to color coding.  I find the color coding – especially black for void (or zero) more effective.

Your investment for this one-on-one personal
LinkedIn evaluation consultation is only $540.00.

Please pay below via credit card or Pay Pal account. (You do not need a PayPal account and can use any major credit card.)  I will email you further instructions upon receipt of payment. You can expect to schedule our first session within 10 business days of receipt.

(Note: Billing by parent company – A-BnC Parties and More, Inc.- that’s how I got started marketing on the Internet!)

LinkedIn 101 and 201 Outlines and Resource Sheet

After several requests for copies of the presentation (sorry I consider it intellectual property) I decided to at least offer you the combined outline of my LinkedIn 101 and 201 presentations.  I frankly have yet to meet someone who has taken my recommendations and fully implemented them.  Why?  I don’t know since they work for me.  Yes, it takes hard work and diligence, as I say:  “Someone has to do the grunt work.” So for your download pleasure:   LinkedIn 101 & 201 Outline & Resources Rev 10-21-11

It is a little dated, but still worthwhile.

You might also enjoy a recent condensed version of a local LinkedIn presentation or my blog article and slideshow about seven LinkedIn take aways.

LinkedIn 301 and 401 – Review and Strategies

LinkedIn 301 is now the LinkedIn personal evaluation level to assure someone implements the correct steps before implementing an inbound marketing campaign or aggressively target marketing. This applies to whether you are marketing your business (as I do) or in an executive job search.  LinkedIn 301 leads to LinkedIn 401 which is a strategy session and includes script writing as well as etiquette coaching. This in turn is followed by overseeing of results and further coaching if required.

Frankly I have no desire to set up a large on-line group nor starting a community of followers. I have always disliked working with larger groups and prefer the one-on-one custom approach. It’s much more personal and targeted and gets you results much faster. I can promise to get you from where you are at (Point A) to where you want to get (Point B – your goal) a whole lot faster with my experience and knowledge of LinkedIn.

Last update:  October 16, 2015

Help For LinkedIn Small Business Target Marketing

Help For LinkedIn Small Business Target Marketing



LinkedIn Profile Evaluation — 4 Comments

  1. I just wanted to add that if Michael is offering help with your LinkedIn bio at a reduced price of $18, you are getting a great deal. He is a well-versed and all-knowing coach who can offer you a lot of helpful, practical and professional advice. Jack

  2. Just raised the price to $36, US. If you think it’s a great deal, it’s too cheap. Plus I just did one and there is too much time involved to do it right.

  3. Hi Mikey,

    I tried to submit my Linkedin profile but I got a response that there was a problem. I input my credit card and that has me concerned.

    Thank you,

    Janet Sweeny

  4. Janet –

    Submit your LinkedIn profile to whom? For the evaluation on If so, I can deal directly with you over Skype.

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