LinkedIn can be used to market yourself for job search or for marketing your company, its products and services.  However, two of  the biggest mistakes most make in LinkedIn are:

  1. not completing their profile 100% and
  2. not optimizing important fields.

These are the fields business searchers as well as recruiters and headhunters use to find people they are looking to network or collaborate with, target and recruit for employment or more importantly – help solve their problems.  My major and basic recommendations before your can start marketing is to:

  • use the maximum number of characters allowed in certain fields of your profile, especially the fields searched most frequently. *
  • post a current picture – people want to identify with real face-to-face people, not blank spaces, icons or 20 years old pictures. Note: Read more ion the expanded Profile Photo page.
  • show me your beef – use every section and add-on section available to tell me what your brand is, who you are, what you represent, what makes you different, etc.  (Note:  Also see my Social Media and Branding pages.)
  • Download a pdf of the important things you will need to complete your profile on my LinkedIn Tips page.

*  The most important LinkedIn search fields

Maximize your use of these fields.  Fill with keywords directed at your LinkedIn target market or goals are (find under the < Edit Profile > link). The following fields are the most important in my estimation:

Headline which is the two or three lines right under your name (find in the < Edit > link next to your name).  { 120 }  Note, hereafter {  }  designates approximate number of characters allowed.

LinkedIn Headline in Profile Highlight Box

LinkedIn Headline (Tag or Slug) in Profile Highlight Box

Summary { 2,000 } – The first 2-3 sentences are the most important since they appear in your profile highlight box. Make them appeal to the visitor so they click to read more.

Current Title { 100 }

Current  Experience { 2,000 }

Add Sections

Read more about adding sections on our, what else(?), my LinkedIn Sections Page.

Keyword Research

Proper keyword research will make or break any Web based marketing efforts.  Sorry, can’t teach you this since it is really a matter of trial and error.  But I can point you in the right direction and supply some tools.  Contact me, the DIY SEO Coach and WordPress Tutor, for more information, or call (847) 634-6535 right now.

Check out keyword research tools on my SEO page and read about using word cloud generators.

Learn more about my Keyword Research direct assistance.

Add New Skills Section to LinkedIn

Please check out our new page on Add Skills to LinkedIn if you have not discovered it as of yet for more details.

Your next step is to expand your LinkedIn network.

Last update: June 21, 2017

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