Use sections to further embellish, personalize and expand your LinkedIn profile. You can enhance your profile by adding information volunteering & causes, organizations, patents, projects, publications, skills, certifications, languages, courses, honors & awards, and test scores.  Of course some of these are meant for students and recent graduates.

Note: LinkedIn Applications are no longer available.

LinkedIn Sections

Sections are found in your Edit Profile window on the right side near the top.

LinkedIn Sections Embellish Your LinkedIn Profile

Add LinkedIn Sections To Embellish Your LinkedIn Profile

I use the following sections myself (as of this latest update):

LinkedIn Publications Section

LinkedIn Section - Publications

LinkedIn Section – Publications

LinkedIn Projects Section

LinkedIn Section - Projects

LinkedIn Section – Projects

Hint: Contact me at 847-634-6535 for some special insights and applications for the “Projects” section.

Volunteer Experience & Causes

LinkedIn Section - Volunteer Experience & Causes

LinkedIn Section – Volunteer Experience & Causes

Last update: February 16, 2014

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