In early 2013 LinkedIn updated the profiles and allows high definition photos.  Why should you use a photo?

  1. People you know can quickly identify you.
  2. Many people find it easier to remember a face than a name.

You get to upload exactly one photo at the top of your LinkedIn profile.  There are both good and bad (see below) practices, so make yours a good choice.  It’s best to have the photo prepared ahead of time, so here are the parameters:

  • File formats types: JPG, GIF or PNG
  • Maximum file size: 4 mg
  • Should be square (can crop if needed after uploading)
  • The ideal size should between 200 by 200 up to 500 by 500 pixels
  • The photo cannot be uploaded if it exceeds 4,000 pixels
LinkedIn Profile Photo Upload

LinkedIn Profile Photo Upload

To upload or change a photo, move your cursor over your photo (or where the standard icon is now) in the top right of your LinkedIn homepage.  Scroll down  and click on ‘Privacy & Settings’.  Note:  You may be prompted to sign in to LinkedIn again for security purposes.

Scroll down to under “Privacy Controls” in the middle column click on < Change your profile photo & visibility >.  Browse your hard drive and locate the photo you want to upload and publish.

In settings you can also determine (in addition to users who you message) who can see your photo.  Your choices are: your connections, your network or everyone.

Make sure the photo you choose is in professional attire, appropriate to your work, position or desired position. LinkedIn’s user agreement (10.2.6.) stipulates you should not undertake to: “Upload a profile image that is not your likeness of a head-shot photo…”. Do not use an icon, picture of your business, dog, or family shots. According to LinkedIn you have three chances to upload a proper photo. If not they can ban you from ever doing again.

Examples Of LinkedIn Profile Photo Faux Paus

LinkedIn Best Practices Profile Photo Faux Paus

LinkedIn Best Practices Profile Photo Faux Paus

Above are just some of the examples of what I consider to be violations of LinkedIn policy. The one I failed to take a screen shot of was a young man in a Santa hat in front of a Christmas tree. Within a few hours of me saying to him (paraphrased from memory): “….. this is not Facebook! You are on a professional business networking platform trying to help your father promote his business”. It was replaced with one more suitable.

LinkedIn Marketing Help For Small Businesses

LinkedIn Marketing Help For Small Businesses

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Last update:  August 15, 2014