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LinkedIn for Growing Your Busiess

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LinkedIn Questions — 20 Comments

  1. Michael, Good morning.
    Are you familiar with a new feature on LinkedIn that will allow you to incorporate volunteer experience on your profile? If so, can you please lend some guidance? Thanks

  2. Mark –

    Good question, thanks for asking. This is a new addition to the Sections portion on LinkedIn, another way to embellish your personal profile. At the bottom of your profile highlight (the first large box with your picture… going down to the share- pdf – and print commands) you see the “Add Sections” link on the right. Open up the menu and under the “Sections” portion you will find “Volunteer Experience & Causes”. Click to open the link and follow instructions.

    You also might want to check my Add Sections To LinkedIn page. I will add a picture there to demonstrate (cannot do on replies).


  3. Hi Michael, I have done many things to my LinkedIn profile over the past three months on the advice of you and several other people. What other things could I add too it or what things should I take away that would make it more “attractive?” Do I have enough or the right key words? Should my resume be on there or just the handbill? Thanks so much for your help.

  4. Judy –

    First I think you have done a great in adding some additional sections and applications to your profile like Courses, Amazon Reading List and to embellish your profile. You have contact information including email and telephone number so it makes it easy for someone to get in touch. … But… there are some more steps I think you should take.

    #1. Add the “Skills” section in the “More” pull down. See my Adding Skills Section
    #2. You have additional room to expand your Summary section and should do so.
    #3. I ran your profile through the word cloud generator and feel you can do a better job of incorporating keywords into your profile. Start by searching LinkedIn or other job posting sites. Locate 5 to 10 job descriptions for positions you would accept if offered (i.e. targets). Copy the text into the word cloud generator, eliminating the extraneous, and check the results. The largest words are the ones most talked about. Select the top 5-10 and set up an spreadsheet or write on index cards or post it notes. Compare the results from all of the job descriptions selected and pick the top most emphasized words. These are the keywords you should be emphasizing in your profile, not the ones I show displayed..

  5. Hi Michael;
    I tried the Word Cloud Generator website you provided in your session. I went to the Wordle site and entered my LinkedIn profile and the site crashed several times. I tried just entering the summary paragraph with the same result. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Did I miss something? I found this to be quite an interesting tool and I would like to try it. Thanks.
    David Burns

  6. David –

    I know it requires Java to function. I have not had the crashing problem and suggest you might try it on another browser… FireFox, Chrome, IE9

    Also, I reference another Word cloud generator ABCYa on my Word Cloud page on this site. There are many of them available. I think I have a list of 8 or 10 more if the second one causes you problems.

  7. How long does the Linked in software keep your profile updates “turn on/off your activity broadcasts” from showing? I made numerous updates and edited for about an hour, and turned it “off”. The next day I turned it back “on”. Will the updates that I made still be broadcast?

  8. Good question David and I tested it today. LinkedIn does not publish the activity updates while turned off. When turned back on LinkedIn starts publishing again but does not go back and publish any updates done while turned off.


  9. Is there a way in linked In that you can have two (2) different zip codes in your profile, so that your profile would still show up in some one else’s search criteria, if you are equally available in either geography.
    So that the 2 zip codes would not have any impact in the search result?

    example: 60045 Illinois and 48336 Michigan.

  10. David – Your profile highlight box allows but one geographical area. You could consider adding another in your “Summary” (probably best for search) section as well as the “Contact” Box.

  11. You can only post one picture on LinkedIn for your profile. And that, by user agreement, should be a “head shot” or likeness. So I do not suggest putting the word cloud there.

    But there are two work arounds I can immediately think of:

    1. Link to the word cloud somewhere on the Web in a share or discussion. A miniature will probably appear as a visual display to the left. However, the share or discussion disappears over time since it is really a blog post, which publishes in reverse chronological order. Over time as more and more appear, the share or discussion gets buried deeper and deeper. (Note: Unless you manage a group, but that is another subject entirely…)

    2. Upload to your profile and make a permanent part of your profile through an application. You can use the artistic application, Google docs, or to upload a file containing in the word cloud. You can bring emphasis to it by mentioning in your “Summary” section.

    I hope this helps,


  12. Hi Michael,

    I’ve got a quick follow up question after attending your LinkedIn presentation last week.

    Can you delete a single activity update from your activity feed? Or do you have to turn off your feed if you want to keep private the companies you’re following.

    Thank you.
    Reply Al

  13. Sharon:

    Activity Broadcasts publicize changes in your profile, when you make a recommendation or when you follow a company. There is no way to delete one, as far as I know, once published.

    These “feeds”, or articles, appear in three places, depending on settings. The Home page of your first level connections, your own profile page as well as possibly in LinkedIn email broadcasts to your first levels. The feeds are a blog, with the latest article appearing at the top. As more feeds or articles appear, previous ones get buried deeper and deeper into the pile. Depending on the activity and number of connections, then can rapidly disappear.

    When I last tested, turning off the broadcast, making a change as above, and then turning the broadcast back on did omit it from the list. I would suggest you test the application(s) below with a minor change to your profile.

    Two ways to control are:

    1. From your Home page or Edit Profile pages Settings > (login) > from (Privacy Settings, lower middle) Turn on/off activity broadcast > (make changes) Save Changes

    Follow the company… and repeat previous step #1.

    2. From Edit Profile page locate your Activity box on the right sidebar and follow directions,

    Follow the company… and repeat previous step #2.

    Hope this helped.


    BTW: Sharon refer to an advanced LinkedIn presentation I gave in Lake Forest, IL. For details on upcoming presentations, please email me.

    Also if you appreciated this response, please give me some search ‘sugar’ so others may find this site and benefit from the information.

  14. Dear Michael,
    I attended your advanced linked in seminar at least one month ago and loved it. It was very helpful to me in optimizing my utilization of linked in to look for a new position. Thank you for your expertise.
    I have a question for you. It was reccommended by a colleague in the Chicago area that I look into employment with Athletico. I had noticed that you are connected with a member of the Athletico executive team and would like to ask for an introduction.
    How would I best go about doing this?

    Many Thanks,

    Susan Borninski

  15. Think of LinkedIn as an electronic business after hours or even a cocktail party. It’s not the place for an overt sales pitch or else you will be ostracized. LinkedIn is a place to network to find a potential ‘fit’, much like courting a spouse, between you and someone else, often even a ‘target’. But after the flirtation you must take the conversation off of LinkedIn to see if you two can develop a mutually rewarding networking relationship.

    And true networking is not about what someone can do for you, but what you can do to help others, or if something mutually beneficial is possible (what we can do together). You may hope this attitude comes back to reward you, but most often it does not. And certainly, do not expect instant gratification, it does not work on LinkedIn. Believe me, I tried it and I failed. Miserably!

    Connecting with someone on LinkedIn gives you a privilege but not a right to be demanding, You have to prove your worth (like joining any organization) to ask for a favor. This applies even to volunteering, such as I do for CRC where you took the seminar. Trying to volunteer there was like applying for a job… telephone screening, written application, face to face interview, checking references, submitting a class outline, etc.

    First you must develop a relationship and prove your professionalism and credibility. Then you can reach out for introductions in my estimation.

    I hope this answered your question. Thank you.

  16. What do I click on so that my contacts will NOT receive one of those alerts telling them that I have added a photo, etc.

    I don’t like receiving those updates from others and would rather turn that off, but am not sure how.

    Once it is turned off, does it stay “off” for any other updates?


  17. Martha

    Sorry about the delay in getting back to you, I must have missed the notice of this posting.

    Go to the < Settings > link in the pull down menu next to your name at the top right of your LinkedIn profile page. In the middle bottom of the default page, click on < Turn on/off your activity broadcasts >. Uncheck the box “Turn on/off your activity broadcasts” and < Save changes >. This will stop all activity broadcasts until you go back and reverse the process, if ever. If and when you do reverse the process, LinkedIn will not go back and pick up prior changes. I know since I checked out the procedure.

    Good luck!


  18. Hi Michael,

    I am doing some research on how best to have a presence on LinkedIn when you are independently employed as a consultant but have a company identity. Is it best to have a separate page for the consulting company (even if you’re the only consultant)? Or should the company information go under the individual’s profile?


  19. Amy that’s a complex issue.

    Firstly, you should never have more than one individual profile. You can have several company pages as long as you have a ‘branded’ email associated with the company (not a gmail, aol, yahoo, etc.) as well as other criteria.

    Which way to go? Before I could answer that I would need to know whether the consultant work would interfere (would they frown on knowing?) with the company identity?


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