Stop Driving Blindfolded on the Internet.

Marketing On The Web While Blindfolded If a small businessperson had a meeting in a city he had never visited, he’d print suggested routes from Google Maps and Mapquest. Then once in his car, he’d probably turn on his GPS. Just to be sure.

So how come so many seemingly smart small businesspeople fail to create a strategic plan before they launch a Web traffic building campaign or set out to improve their LinkedIn business profile?

Michael Yublosky’s Keyword Research for Small Business Web Sites and LinkedIn Networking

If your LinkedIn business profile and your Website are not bringing you enough (or any) new business, you have two choices. You can give in and give up. Or you can give me a call.

I can help you achieve higher Google rankings, increased Web traffic and a more effective LinkedIn profile. I’ve achieved online success for other executives and small businesses and I can certainly help you.

But don’t plan on working with me if you’re looking for a magic bullet or if your start up lacks a budget. Effective keyword research takes hard work and a trial and error method. Fortunately, my 3-step plan can shorten the time it will take to substantially increase your potential for success.

MoleHills into Mountains

My “molehill” theory of online small business success says that if you create enough molehills of effective, long-tail keywords, you’ll eventually end up on top of a sales mountain.

Time and again, I’ve proven I can help you achieve primacy in Google search results once you give me a list of targeted keyword strings along with the names of your top five competitors. The key to effective keyword research is not to compete against your competitors where they hold an advantage, but to seek out invaluable niche keywords they missed or failed to exploit properly.

Why pay more and get less?

Your investment of $576 (executive job search) or $720 (small business market strategies) for effectively helping you outflank your competition and rank higher on Google (we’re aiming for Page 1) is surprisingly inexpensive when my competitors are charging $3000-5000 for a less effective game plan.

If this makes sense to you and you’re in the Chicago area, let’s meet over coffee to understand your needs and begin to build a more effective keyword strategy. And if you’re not in the area, we can always connect on Skype.

So stop driving blindfolded on the Internet and let’s put together an effective and engaging keyword research plan that speeds you (deliberately) to your desired destination.

Call Me Today…

Michael Yublosky, 847-634-6535  or use the Contact form.

Last updated August 15, 2014.