LinkedIn for Growing Your BusiessYou are probably here because you are interested in receiving my personal evaluation of your LinkedIn profile based on either my 10 or 23 criteria evaluation process. You might have attended one of my library or Chicago area workshops, Webinars, read about me in newspapers and publications, or heard about it elsewhere on the Web.

Regardless, you are here to check out the details.

You have landed at the right place if you want to leverage your profile and help find a new executive level job or network and market your small business on the Web.

If you want to skip right on and “Buy It Now”, merely scroll down to the PayPal button below! Complete the form, give me your LinkedIn address (URL) and I will contact you to set a date for our discussion.

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The Basic LinkedIn Profile Evaluation Reviews 10 Important Criteria!

This form reviews 10 important areas in which the LinkedIn search algorithms or real people searches are conducted. These areas give you a chance to write about yourself (toot your own horn) and increase your ultimate ability to be ‘found’. Completing it properly is based on proper¬†use of keywords which means some research (actual grunt work) is required on your own behalf.

The 10 areas consist of six LinkedIn parameters needed to successfully complete your profile to 100% (included in the evaluation form). I added four more areas I feel are extremely critical as well. Most people miss these additional areas, some of which are new, and some of which are tricky to uncover. You can score a maximum of 10 points each, for a final “perfect’ grade of 100.

What this evaluation includes is my experience, what I call my “smell factor”, plus an extra added ingredient you do not get with only the form by itself.

I complete your LinkedIn evaluation profile form from your present profile. I use another neat (free) tool and will also teach you how to use it to optimize your job search or small business marketing campaign for keywords. After I finish my research I will contact you for an appointment that should take about 45 minutes to review. We can do via Skype or (to share a monitor) plus phone chat. We’ll discuss my suggestions as well. Your total investment is only $144.00.

23 Criteria LinkedIn Profile Evaluation

If you want to take it to the next level, the full 23 criteria evaluation includes a 1.25 hour personal one-on-one consultation. Your investment is $252.00 and well worth it!

Note: In either case, you might have to ‘connect’ with me on LinkedIn for me to see your entire LinkedIn profile in case you set up some privacy filters. Once more, we can also do this via Skype or (desktop sharing) and a phone chat.

Ready to Act?

I will not attempt to lead you to make a decision and purchase this LinkedIn profile evaluation with various incentives and testimonials, as well as promises of grandeur and unlimited earnings potential. If this page went by that ‘sales funnel book,’ I would have large typeface (shouts) fonts, multiple colors, recommendations and even dancing girls or testimonial videos.

I sell strictly through an educational process. I explain your alternatives so you can make an informed, adult decision. If you are interested, fine. If not I understand as well and you can download the LinkedIn Profile Evaluation Part 1 rev 9-22-13 and attempt to do it on your own.

Choose the plan that’s best for you
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I don’t do well with crowds at all. I am still shy and introverted at cocktail parties and large networking events. I want to work one-on-one with you in a close relationship. Heck, I am not trying to build an empire here, just trying to help out some folks, put their efforts on steroids and have them feeling good about themselves once more.


Last updated July 22, 2015