Michael Yublosky at ecomChicagoThis handout version of my slide show that was presented at the ecomChicago conference October 17, 2014 in Rosemont, IL.

Download in pdf form:  Foundation of Successful eCommerce SOHO Marketing






Content Marketing | Key To Getting Found On Google

This handout version of my slide show presented in Gurnee on October 20, 2014.

Download in pdf form:  Content Marketing Slide Show Handout 10-20-14
It is an overview of how important content marketing has gotten for companies wishing to be found on Google search engine results pages. The presentation includes tips and examples, ideas and resources, as well as basic optimization and SEO factors.



LinkedIn Slideshow Illinois Continuity of Care Assoc 7-14-15

This is my basic introduction to LinkedIn, its structure, benefits and opportunities. Also included are my seven main takeaways you need to understand to become successful on LinkedIn.

Presented at the Illinois Continuity of Care Association (Lake and McHenry Counties) meeting ion Vernon Hills, IL on July 14, 2015

Download in pdf form: Illinois Continuity of Care Assoc 7-14-15 Slideshow



executive-networking-group-li201-10-20-16This presentation was for the Executive Networking Group of Greater Chicago on October 20,2016.  It was held at the Schaumburg (IL) Public Library.

It includes:

  • LinkedIn is your own personal one-page Website
  • 4 segments make LinkedIn a unique networking platform and research tool
  • 13 action steps to brand yourself and build a more professional profile
  • Why it is important and some steps to expand your network

Download in pdf form: executive-networking-group-li201-10-20-16