I have used WordPress as a blogging platform since 2009. I understand and operate both in the WordPress.com and WordPress.org worlds. I also use WordPress to publish traditional Web sites for self employed and small business owners, consultants, job seekers, etc.WordPress Tutor  WordPress sites can be static (think of it as a brochure in the sky), dynamic (adding articles regularly – new buzz word is Content Marketing) or a combination of both.

If my tutorial site (see below) is not quite your thing or you are stuck on something or just need individualized lessons, contact me at 847-634-6535 or use the contact form.  Since I published the site there are a great many free YouTube videos out there as well.

I coach individuals one on one in setting up and maintaining WordPress sites.  I use Skype, Joinme.com or Zoom.us hangouts to view your desktop and guide you along the route. This is supplemented with the WordPress Resume Site and a vast list of written how-to instructions.  If you use the theme I suggest, many video tutorials and a built in guide are also available.

My hourly rate for this service is $90.00.  We can bill via PayPal so you can use a credit card.

WordPress Tutorial Site

I started a site for job seekers to learn how to use WordPress as a publishing program for a resume or portfolio Web site. It includes steps in setting up a free WordPress.com site with samples, articles, free resources, etc. You can also learn how to use the basics of WordPress publishing for a business Web site there as well. Job seekers can add to their resumes by learning new skills in publishing on the Web as well.

Although the images are outdated with WordPress updates over time as is the theme, the principles explained and the terms and navigation used remain intact.

Check it out at WordPress Resume Site.

Last update:  July 26,  2015

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