We sincerely want you to have a successful business site. (I define success as bottom line results for you are only successful when the cash register rings!) When we make you successful, we become successful because what goes around, comes around.

WordPress Publishing ProgramAnybody who promises you setting up a Web site is easy is omitting some important details. Or they are charging you an arm and a leg for a pre-packaged modular system which escalates in price as modules are added. Or the package and modules lack flexibility and the most basic necessities.

We will not make those promises to you. In fact we try to discourage you from even starting down this path at all. The entire task is daunting, time consuming and a lifetime marketing commitment for self employed do it yourself small business owners or managers. We therefore will try to clearly explain your options and obstacles to enable you to make informed, adult decisions.

We can set up your WordPress small business Web site, Blog or combination Web site and Blog for a low, one-time fee. You can generally be published within two to four (normal business working) hours of receipt of final copy. This is provided you supply all content copy and photos or graphics (in the proper size) in a single package (see Notes below).

In all frankness, let me caution you to some things.  Launching a Web site without proper planning is like vacationing in Hawaii and planning to drive there.  You most likely will drown before you get to your destination!  I know myself since I made monumental errors when I first started marketing on the Internet.  These errors took many, many hours to correct.   Hopefully, I can convince you to avoid the same pain I went through.  Amongst other things, you need to seriously consider:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive review
  • Selection a keyword rich URL
  • Navigation or page layout and setup
  • Marketing plan – organic search results (time intensive) versus paid advertising (capital) and use of social media

In all fairness, the following “publishing on steroids” does not take these things into account and I caution you against taking this myopic approach.  It is my version of the pre-packaged modular system with some enhancements for do it yourselfers (since I went that path).  It does not include counseling, planning, revisions, etc., things I know you need if you want to get out of the starting gate quickly.  Those will be chargeable at my current hourly rate.  I do not package price Web site publishing other than here because I want you to get a scope of what the work entails.

Included in WordPress SetUp:

  • Use of current (default) theme
  • Uploading custom (must be furnished, specific to theme) banner in specified size requirements
  • Setting background color
  • 2-4 Pages: Landing Page (300-1,000 words), About or Services/Products Page (300-1,000 words), Blog Page, one image per  (see Notes below) and Contact Page 
  • Reconfiguring so landing page is not a blog page if so required (advised)
  • Configuring required available options (pre-selected from a provided list)
  • Changing unnecessary default settings
  • Installing recommended plugins (pre-selected from a provided list)
  • Instructions on Categories and Tags for blog posts; change default setting

Additional written or on-line instructions include (with others available):

  • Setting up a new page
  • Adding posts
  • Uploading, adding and manipulating photos
  • Embedding YouTube videos
  • Understanding and setting up widget areas and widgets
  • Obtaining Google Analytics code and activation
  • Registering site with Google and other search engines
  • Setting up Web host statistics
  • Recommended FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program and instructions
  • Note: Akimet spam filter and WordPress Stats require API code for which there may be a charge to the Web site owner or user registration required at WordPress.com.

One-time WordPress set up fee of $864.00.

Must use recommended BlueHost for Web host and click through affiliate link to establish. One year domain name registration is included with an annual fee, or you can register elsewhere.  We can, for an extra fee, re-direct your domain to the new server (DNS).

Non-BlueHost sites: $1,152.00

Expanded WordPress Set Up Package:


  • Up to two hours business planning session via Skype (Web cam enabled preferred) or Zoom.us or join.me
  • Keyword research (must supply required competitor information per instructions)
  • Two additional products/services or other pages – one image per  (see Notes below)
  • Theme upload and configuration (required login information from Web host)
  • Tutoring on use of keywords and review of initial copy for compliance (rewriting and second reviews not included)
  • Server setup (BlueHost only) – emails, auto responders, forwarders, 404 error message, Web host statistics
  • Local directory listing guidelines and instructions

BlueHost Hosted Sites (through affiliate link): $2,304.00

Non-BlueHost Hosted Sites: $2,592.00

Same exclusions apply.


Customer responsibility to provide all content and photos which will be published ‘as is’.  Guidelines (copyrights, attributions, etc.) available upon request.

Additional Web Related Services Available

  • Copywriting, editing, spell checking
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Individual tutoring sessions via Skype, Join.me, Zoom.us, etc.
  • Photo manipulation, custom banners, gif (flashing banners)
  • Video production, editing and publishing in High Definition
  • LinkedIn profiles and marketing your business
  • Blogging alerts and notifications
  • Monthly supervision and maintenance alerts

Please contact us for further information or to set up a schedule to publish your WordPress Web site or blog.

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DIYWebJEM For Help With WordPress Web Sites and Blogs

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