The following, and some 50+ additional testimonials, are available for you to read on Michael Yublosky’s LinkedIn profile.


Get On The First Page of Google“Mike has proven to have great insight and knowledge regarding the issues of SEO as it related to the re-launching of our website… Our new website is a far better result than if he had not assisted us from the get-go. His value was superior in guiding the overall direction, content and final result. Always thinking, and bringing new ideas and perspectives to the table. Cannot imagine having gone through the process of redesign and launch without his input.”

Bruce T.


“WOW! Return on investment within days of implementation. Worked with others for years with questionable and lackluster results. Within days new patients were rolling into my dental office and making a difference on my bottom line.”

(Dr.) James I.


“Michael has helped my husband and I learn how to improve our web visibility and use social media more effectively. He has been very patient in teaching us step by step how to manage these things on our own.”

Dr. Katie S


Small Business WordPress Web Site and Blog Coach“I hired Michael to help me start in the world of blogging. We spoke on the weekends for a good year and half via skype as he tutored me on how to use wordpress and get the most out of keywords as I blogged. His advice was clear, helpful and genuine. He wanted me to become a good blogger and provided me with the right advice delivered professionally. If it wasn’t for Michael’s help, I don’t think I would have been able to concentrate on my content, which eventually led me to writing and now becoming a published author. I highly recommend Michael to anyone who is interested in hiring him for his service. He’s terrific to work with, a real valuable adviser and smart guy.”

Bob M.


Small Business Target Marketing on LinkedIn“Michael Yublosky is a nationally acclaimed expert on marketing and use of social media as a marketing tool. His presentations and consulting sessions are the best in a highly competitive business.”

Jessica L.


“Michael is first and foremost a great thought partner. While he is clearly an expert in professional marketing, he also recognizes the need for variation in the approach for different industries… That, and he’s lots of fun to work with!”

Betsy P.


“…Michael…knows as much, and probably more about SEO, web 2.0 and all things digital as anyone I’ve ever met. He’s also lightning fast, proactive and he has that spark of genius that no longer shines in most older veteran workers…Michael is also an unbelievable teacher, or SEO coach as he calls himself. I’ve worked with him as his student and I can tell you he’s patient, brilliant and demanding, three traits that all of my best teachers in life seemed to possess… I’m proud to call Michael my teacher and my friend.”

Jack G.