Believe me, for years I looked at programs for ‘do it yourselfers’ to easily get published on the Web. I explored free sites, programs in a box, Web hosts with software as well as WordPress. Judy’s main site is still an html, not made with WordPress (but will be shortly converted).  This site is all WordPress. (If I had only known then, what I know now!)

I have first hand experience with blogs with a lot of success and increased hits on a very small niche market. The analytics (statistics) are great – what people search for, daily hits, where they link off to, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual summaries.  But now my goals have shifted and I changed to an on-site blog to easily upload content and build additional direct traffic through Google (and other search engine) organic results.

In 2009 I finally found a WordPress theme that could act as both a site and a blog. This site is published with that Small Business theme. You can click on the theme link below or in the right sidebar – (Note: I do make an affiliate commission if you buy) to learn more.

If you click through and purchase via my affiliate link I offer my technical support.  I developed a checklist of recommended plugins and why they are important. I offer free technical support for the installation set up via our Skype enabled phone.

All this can be done in one to two hours if you have your initial information and content written as described in the slide show. I also advice you how to set up certain security measures I found necessary to keep spammers away. And, you will be spammed, believe me!  I will also mentor and “watch” over your shoulder as you venture into the world of business Websites and blogging.

Did I mention Google loves WordPress? (Imagine that since they also own!)

We also offer assistance with keyword copywriting, learning html language, photo manipulation, producing videos, narratives, voice overs, graphic arts, banner ads and headers, etc.

I specialize in Search Engine Optimization for local and national small businesses using the free resources on the Web. Our advertising budget since 2007 has been zilch! There is, however, a great deal of time spent learning the ways of Web social selling and using it to promote our businesses. With our assistance, you can shorten the gap without using one of those all-inclusive enticements that cost $50.00 per month or more for the rest of your Web life.  You can also avoid shelling out thousands of dollars for a Web developer who may or may not know optimization and marketing techniques!

The Web is a great hobby, and a better business, once you can get it! Too many, however, just don’t get the benefits of using the Web to build or promote their small businesses. It is reported than nearly 50% of small businesses are literally fearful of starting to market on the Web. Don’t continue to be counted in that ever shrinking group.

The choice is yours. You can take an extended time to learn how to use WordPress and perhaps purchase and learn this, or another, theme on your own. Or you can click through and get the coaching and mentoring help you need to fast track your Website and business! Contact me once you decide.

Regardless, Happy Trails To You…Until We Meet Again!

Step by Step Guides

Download this pdf (requires Adobe reader).

Setting up a WordPress dot com Blog – Consider Before You Sign Up

A step by step guide helps you with the sign up steps for your free blog on  I added some considerations regarding selecting your blog address, some considerations before you select it, as well as some other pre-planning thoughts.

Last update: August 15, 2014

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