Free of chargeI started this page as a reference for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Here are some tools to aid you in administering your WordPress Web sites.

HTML Editor

Free HTML editor from Coffee Cup.  Learn the basics of HTML coding for some of the minor challenges that WordPress will lay across your path.

Photo and Image Editing Tools

Picasa – a Windows based photo organizer and simple editor.  First let Picasa inventory all the pictures on your hard drive; this will allow you to also visually search or do a keyword search.   Then use Picasas basuc functions for resizing, cropping and simple text insertions (i.e. copyrights on photos you own) on your photos.

Screen Capture Tools Found In Windows Accessories

The Snipping Tool is great for quick screen captures.  Only works on the window presently sized.  <Cntl > < – > to shrink the size and capture more.

Hold down <Cntl> and <Alt> keys, then tap <Prt/SCR> to capture the screen shot. Then open your Paint program (also in Windows Accessories folder) and <Cntl> < v > to paste.  Then can use the snipping tool to capture a portion.  This is great with pull down menus which will revert to the default when you merely open the Snipping Tool.

Web Site Color Selection

WordPress uses a six digit ‘Hex’ code to designate colors of backgrounds, navigation bars, text, headlines, etc.  The following help you to select colors by their Hex code.

Color Schemer – an online tool to select complimentary colors when designing your Web site.

Content Editing Tools

Learn about generating Word Clouds to visually emphasize the words you emphasize the most in your copy.  Please remember to come back here though.

Free Web Publishing Tools

PSD Graphic Templates Dynamic WP.